2015 Session Videos

Transitioning Madison from Fly-over to Fly-into

Putting the pieces together to come up with a vibrant Madison Startup ecosystem. What are the features that give rise to an energetic and dynamic startup culture? …and are we getting there?  Moderator, Brennan Nardi  Madison Community Foundation, Formerly Editor Madison Magazine. Panelists: John Philosophos, General Partner, Great Oak Ventures ; Ilana Nankin, Founder & CEO, Breathe for Change; Troy Vosseler, co-founder, gener8tor; Luke Bonney, Operations, REDOX; Rick Soni, President & COO, Rexahn Pharma and BioHealth Innovations, MD; Jillana Peterson, Customer Success Manager, Zendesk.


Can UW-Madison become a 21st Century entrepreneurial university?

This panel is a collaboration with the Advocacy Consortium for Entrepreneurs (ACE). What qualities define a 21st Century entrepreneurial university?  And how close is UW-Madison?  What does it take to change the culture of a major research university deeply ingrained in basic research and academic excellence but less ingrained toward profit-making business? Moderator: Rock Mackie, Chairman of HealthMyne and Emeritus Professor and Emeritus Investigator at the Morgridge Institute – UW-Madison.   Panelists:  Joanne Robbins, UW Health Clinician, founder Swallow Solutions, Scott Button Managing Director, Venture Investors;  Adam Bock, Lecturer in Entrepreneurship, University of Edinburgh;  Brian Jarecki, Scientist, CDI, former post Doc, Laura Strong, COO, Quintessence Biosciences.



Keynote Speaker
Dr. Mike Lovell

Dr. Mike Lovell, President, Marquette University

Building Connections, Fostering Innovation
Since arriving in Milwaukee from the University of Pittsburgh, Dr. Lovell has been at the center of numerous efforts to bringing together entrepreneurs, academia and industry. Dr. Lovell will talk about his experiences and lessons learned in Pittsburgh that informed his work at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee as its engineering dean and chancellor, and now at Marquette University as its president.