Table ev3  Findorff is one of the Midwest’s leading builders. The Company, established in 1890, is a leader in advancing health and science through the built environment. Representing Findorff:  Chad Escher and Bob Hougard

Table ev4  The University Research Park is a 255 acre research and technology park on Madison’s near West side housing more than 120 companies that employ more than 3,000.  The Park operates or supports several entities that participate directly in growing the Madison high tech scene including MERLIN Mentors, Madworks co-working, Madworks Seed Accelerator and @1403, a campus based facility offering events and work space for campus-based entrepreneurs. Representing the University Research Park:  Aaron Olver

Table ev1  The LeRose Group at Morgan Stanley develops strategies for businesses and families to help them invest in a manner consistent with their goals and beliefs.  The combination of our personal service and the global resources of Morgan Stanley help us provide sound financial advice, integrated solutions and intelligence across the world’s major markets. Representing the LeRose Group from Morgan Stanley:  Joan LeRose and John LeRose