Prior Summits

Prior Badger Startup Summits

If you missed prior Badger Startup Summits – Here’s your chance to catch up on the Keynotes and Disruptive (r)Evolution Showcases from prior years

2019 Summit

Keith Witek’s 2019 Keynote
Summit Welcome and Disruptive Evolution Showcase

2018 Summit

 Gregg Fergus’ 2018 Keynote Democratizing Healthcare with Innovative Hardware, AI, Cloud, and the Virtuous Circle
Disruptive (r)Evolution Showcase – moderator Susan LaBelle
   Summit welcome and Showcase introductory remarks
   Part I speakers; Toby Zutz, Kathy Monetti and Kevin Barnett
   Part II speakers; Mike Cromheecke, Carlos Vera-Ciro and Connie Lebakken

2017 Summit

Click here for Erik Iverson’s 2017 Keynote presentationInnovation, Entrepreneurship and the Wisconsin Idea.
Disruptive (r)Evolution Showcase – Part I
   Moderator:  Marsha McVicker  (CEO, Errand Solutions)
   Made in Wisconsin – CultureTrax® Software for Stem Cells,  Scott Fulton, (CEO Cellara)
   Innovation in TeleMedicine Through Remote Delivery of Speech Therapy,  Emily Purdom, (Co-founder DotCom Therapy)
   The Use of Satellites and Data Analytics in Agriculture,  Mutlu Ozdogan  (Founder/CEO Agrograph)
   From Zero Gravity to Innovations in Rehabilitative Medicine,  Jeff Leismer (Founder &  CEO VibeTech, Inc.)
Go to video of Part 1, 2017 Showcase

Disruptive (r)EVolution Showcase – Part 2

Tech in the Arts: Using VR to Enhance and Understand Reality, Lisa Frank (WonderVR Studio and LisaFrank Photography)

Click here for Lisa’s presentation

Off-grid Utilities Bring Power to Rural African Communities,  Mehrdad Arjmand (Founder NovoMoto)

Click here for Mehrdad’s presentation

High Volume 3-D Printing with Metal in Advanced Manufacturing,  Brandon Walker (founder CEO Linectra)

click her for Brandon’s presentation

2016 Summit

Click here for Keith Witek’s 2016 Summit Keynote  The Accelerating Disruption Trend and What that means for technology Markets

See below for the 2016 Showcase presenters

Disruptive (r)Evolution Showcase  Part 1

Moderator:  Susan Healy, (Ascendancy Advisors)

IoT – Using the Brain’s Approach for Sensor Applications
Andy Nere (Thalchemy)
LED technology – Spotlighting LEDs: Semiconductor-enabled lighting innovations
Rod Heller  (Energy Performance Lighting)
Wearables suck – But they’re starting to suck a lot less
Russ Rymut,  (Nobo, Inc.)
Drones – Data acquisition on the fly: Drones as the new IT platform
Chris Johnson (Pilot Training Systems)

Disruptive (r)Evolution Showcase Part 2

Moderator:  Susan Healy, Ascendance Advisors

Manufacturing at the Speed of Light using Augmented Reality
Paul Ryznar (LightGuide Systems)
Using AI to make sense of the data firehose from the internet 
Taralinda Willis  (Curate)
Blockchain 101 – Consensus in a Divided World
Vince Mele (Digital Numismatics, LLC)
Data Science – Improving patient outcomes through deep learning enhanced EHR
Bob Lindner  (Earthling)

2015 Summit


Putting the pieces together to come up with a vibrant Madison Startup ecosystem. What are the features that give rise to an energetic and dynamic startup culture? …and are we getting there?  Moderator, Brennan Nardi  Madison Community Foundation, Formerly Editor Madison Magazine. Panelists: John Philosophos, General Partner, Great Oak Ventures ; Ilana Nankin, Founder & CEO, Breathe for Change; Troy Vosseler, co-founder, gener8tor; Luke Bonney, Operations, REDOX; Rick Soni, President & COO, Rexahn Pharma and BioHealth Innovations, MD; Jillana Peterson, Customer Success Manager, Zendesk.



This panel is a collaboration with the Advocacy Consortium for Entrepreneurs (ACE). What qualities define a 21st Century entrepreneurial university?  And how close is UW-Madison?  What does it take to change the culture of a major research university deeply ingrained in basic research and academic excellence but less ingrained toward profit-making business? Moderator: Rock Mackie, Chairman of HealthMyne and Emeritus Professor and Emeritus Investigator at the Morgridge Institute – UW-Madison.   Panelists:  Joanne Robbins, UW Health Clinician, founder Swallow Solutions, Scott Button Managing Director, Venture Investors;  Adam Bock, Lecturer in Entrepreneurship, University of Edinburgh;  Brian Jarecki, Scientist, CDI, former post Doc, Laura Strong, COO, Quintessence Biosciences.