Badger Startup Summit | 2016 Disruptive (r)Evolution Showcase
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2016 Disruptive (r)Evolution Showcase

Welcome To the Badger Startup Summit.  Allen Dines, Matt Younkle – Summit Co-chairs

Welcome and overview of the program for the day

Disruptive (r)Evolution Showcase  Part 1

You hear about them all the time.  Cutting edge ventures developing new approaches to customer problems by leveraging exciting new technologies. How are WI entrepreneurs involved in developing new products using technologies such as drones, blockchain contracts, machine learning, expert systems, Virtual Reality, IoT, wearables and more.?  This session will include a procession of WI entrepreneurs who are crafting their ventures in these new technology niches. These presentations will cover the space the company plays in and how it is differentiating itself from ventures elsewhere.

Moderator:  Susan Healy, Ascendancy Advisors

IoT – Using the Brain’s Approach for Sensor Applications
Andy Nere (Thalchemy)
LED technology – Spotlighting LEDs: Semiconductor-enabled lighting innovations
Rod Heller  (Energy Performance Lighting)
Wearables suck – But they’re starting to suck a lot less
Russ Rymut,  (Nobo, Inc.)
Drones – Data acquisition on the fly: Drones as the new IT platform
Chris Johnson (Pilot Training Systems)

Disruptive (r)EVolution Showcase – Part 2

Moderator:  Susan Healy, Ascendance Advisors

Manufacturing at the Speed of Light using Augmented Reality
Paul Ryznar (LightGuide Systems)
Using AI to make sense of the data firehose from the internet 
Taralinda Willis  (Curate)
Blockchain 101 – Consensus in a Divided World
Vince Mele (Digital Numismatics, LLC)
Data Science – Improving patient outcomes through deep learning enhanced EHR
Bob Lindner  (Earthling)